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OneMoment – One-tap work time tracker

OneMoment is One-Tap way for streamlined billable hours tracking. Keep track of work time and earnings by clients, projects and tasks. Generate and send a Work Completion Report to the client or employer with easy. This app fits perfectly for freelancers, hourly workers and for all those who want to manage their time and productivity. This is the full-featured version, the only limitation is that the trial period lasts 60 days.

Quick and easy way to keep track of workday.
Let yourself to know how much time is actually spent on specific tasks and projects. Analyze working hours with intelligible reports and make right decisions.
OneMoment allows you to log working time with one-tap way, providing you with a simple and intuitive interface. Place an app widget on the home screen for quick time tracking. You can track the projects simultaneously.

Generate work completion report for clients.
You can generate and send the report for selected period by projects, jobs and dates (Microsoft Excel™ format) to client or employer. The report can be used as completed work confirmation, billing and invoicing, timesheet filling out.

View estimated income in real time.
You can set hourly rates for work to keep tracking your projects proceeds. Widget on the home screen shows you an estimated project’s income for all time.

→ simultaneous tracking of projects (multiple work timers);
→ work log with manual adding of time record, data export to Microsoft Excel™ for the period;
→ preview of client’s work completion report;
→ intelligible reports and charts;
→ app widget to quick tracking, running task notification;
→ project’s scans and documents as attachments;
→ adapted for use on tablets;
→ backup database to SD-card, DropBox™.
We follow the principles of the material design, so you can enjoy user-friendly and simple interface.

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