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Express Worklog – worker’s timesheet

Express Worklog is your personal assistant for working hours tracking, easy PDF reporting to management. Use job templates and widget for fast entering. Piecework tracker. Express Worklog emphatically replaces a paper or spreadsheet.

Time sheet is based on entered job docs and time records. Job doc logs the workday in the timesheet by shift types (day, night… – customizable list ) and projects (workplaces,  kind of work and etc.). Breaks can be auto-calculated. There is an overtime hours tracker.

Time record logs vacation leaves, sick leaves, business trips. This is a customizable list.

You can detail job by items and specify hours for each item. Timesheets can be exported to PDF and shared with employers.  Use reports to analyze the data for custom period.

The app tracks worktime balance based on planned and actual duration of job.

Use job templates and widget for fast entering.

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